Here is the story behind Kochme:

Sticking to the human tendency, most of us do not understand the gravity of a problem until it is experienced personally.

Let us look at the story of Mr X (many might relate to it).

Bored with his monotonous, stressful life which extended between work & family, Mr.X wanted to cultivate a hobby of playing Tennis. Dutifully, he enrolled at the clubhouse nearby and started the training.

Within a few months, problems started surfacing. The coach’s attendance started becoming erratic. Mr. X tried his hand playing with a few friends and his nemesis was exposed: a poor second serve & a terrible backhand. This was enough to agitate him.

Best hobby classes

Mr. X complained to the clubhouse about the irregularity of the coach and the quality of coaching; however, the clubhouse remained ignorant as they had “bigger fish to fry”.

Soon he realised that picking up a hobby was easy, but staying committed to it was not. But our Mr. X was not ready to give up yet. He floated a survey to ask around if people he knew faced similar problems.

And boy, was he surprised!

Here is how the journey of KoachMe started, where a bunch of tech literate developers interacted with a few coaches and set out to solve a few problems.

We are a team of tech-literate developers who believe in a happy lifestyle and hence went ahead and decided to interact with a few expert coaches who love teaching their skills and came up with koachme to offer a comfortable and positive learning experience.

Online hobby classes

What do we stand for?

We stand for uninterrupted persuasion of hobbies, irrespective of age, time, location. Your desire to learn new skills or develop a hobby is motivating enough for us to offer you excellent knowledge by our celebrity coaches.

All you have to do is select your favourite hobby, choose a coach, and start the learning process. At every step of learning, our team and your mentors will be with you to help you grow. Because, hobby is an inspiring element you can add to your personality, and your life will find a new meaning in it.

In the wake of the present COVID-19 pandemic, where the work-from-home lifestyle is adding to the stress level by limiting our social life, here is a chance for all of us to leverage digital platforms and polish our hobbies; be it yoga, art, fitness, or an indoor sports like chess.

Come build your hobby with us

What’s in it for you?

If you are a hobby pursuer -
  • Pursue your hobbies from the comfort of your home.
  • Hobby classes for kids and adults
  • Flexibility to choose a convenient class time, and skill level.
  • We present coaches with their qualifications and professional background so that you can choose the one for you. A free workshop on registration will help you make this decision better.
  • You can review the offerings of the platform, coaches, and their teaching methods and let us know your experience without any hesitation.
If you’re a coach -
  • Turn your passion into a sustainable earning source. Let the hobby lead you to a successful profession.
  • Every house you spend teaching at koachme helps you build a professional identity and earn.
  • Burden of business development is off your shoulders.
  • You decide the working house, you decide the place you wish to work from.